The Best Roulette Strategies Slot Review

Roulette has been around for nearly 300 years and it has continued to be one of the most popular casino games. Many gamblers have devised a plethora of roulette strategies to beat the house and walk away with a wad of cash in their pockets.

Some of these roulette strategies are quite effective and popular,others not so much. If applied correctly, a good roulette strategy will help you to decrease the house edge and with a bit of help from Lady Luck bring some money your way!

We are big fans of roulette and have been trying to piece together the best winning roulette strategies. So we talked to professional roulette players and followed it up with a bit of research to put the best roulette strategies out there to help you tilt the scales in your favor.

In our guide to winning roulette strategies we have included strategies from all levels, so whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, there is a good chance you’ll find this guide to roulette strategies useful for you.

In our experience different players have different budgets for playing roulette and this can be challenging for players with a limited budget. But as you read through this guide you will notice that you have many different roulette strategies that you can use to win money money while playing roulette even with a small budget.

In fact, if you are beginner and are just starting out playing roulette online or in a live casino we recommend you to start off with a small budget before you can apply these roulette strategies perfectly.

So without further ado let’s dive into the world of roulette strategies!

Here are some popular roulette strategies we’ve gathered for you:

Basic Roulette Strategy

As the name suggests this is a basic roulette strategy which is quite simple. This strategy is based on the calculus of probability. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a math whiz to figure this one out.

If you spin the roulette wheel many times every number will roughly come out as many times as the others in the long run.

According to simulations based on 27000 roulette spins each number came out between 2.67 % to 2.73% of the spins.

This is how this basic roulette strategy works:

Step 1: You visit an online casino and keep a pen and paper handy.

Step 2: You watch 37 spins and take down the numbers. You don’t put any bets at this time.

Step 3: You bet at least $1 on the 13 numbers that did not not come or came out the least number of times during these spins.

Step 4: If none of these numbers come out after the first bet, you repeat the bet.

Step 5: If none of these numbers come out again you double your bet on each of these numbers.

Now, obviously you won’t keep betting a 1000 times to see which numbers are the ones that will win you money but this is a good starting point for a beginner.

Martingale Roulette Strategy

This Roulette strategy appeared in the 18th century in France and not only is it applied in Roullette and it has become popular in other casino games like Blackjack.

How does the Martingale System work in Roulette?

With the Martingale system you have to double your bet after every loss until the first win will help you recover all of your previous losses and turn in a neat profit that is equal to the size of your initial bet.

Here is an example of how it would work:

Let’s say you place a bet of $1 on the color of your choice. The odds of you winning this bet is 50-50 since there are only two colors to choose from, either red or black.

If you win, you repeat your bet with the same amount of money.

You continue this until you lose.

When you lose your bet you double your bet on the same color, that is, you will be $2 now.

If you lose, you double your bet to $4, if you lose again, you double your previous bet and bet $8.

Once you win, you start betting with the bet amount you started with, which was $1 in our case and repeat the process.

Now let’s run some numbers here to show you how it would work in the worst case scenario:

Number of bets lostBet AmountMoney SpentProfitProbability of consecutive loss011148.60%123123.70%247111.50%381515.60%4163112.73%5326311.33%66412710.65%712825510.31%

So according to statistics, the probability that the same color will pop up has been mentioned in the far right corner in the table. 

This means that the probability that you will lose  your bet is less than 1% (0.65%) by the time you lose 6 bets.

The profits will be the same as your initial bet amount.

Now, the profits that you will make would depend on the size of your initial bet amount. So if you spend, $10 on your initial bet you would make a $10 profit, if you make a $50 initial bet you would make a $50 profit. 

Martingale System for Online roulette

If you have played your roulette or other casino games in online casinos you might be aware that online casinos have a bet limit that is usually around $300 per bet.

This can make it quite tricky to use the Martingale System online for online roulette especially if your initial bet amount is high.

Here is how you can use the Martingale system for online roulette:

In order to continue to use the system after the 9th unsuccessful spin, you would need to place a bet of $512 which wouldn’t be possible because of the $300 bet limit on black or red. 

Here is how the bet limit of $300 is overcome after your color hasn’t come out 9 times in a row and you have reached a bet of $256 as you can see in the table below:

Number of bets lostBet AmountMoney SpentProfit11112231347148151516311632631764127181282551925651111051210231

So on the tenth bet you should bet $300 on the color you have been betting on and then place a $20 on every number of the color you have picked.

Since there are 36 numbers that are either black or red and each color has 18 numbers you would need to bet a total amount of $360. But since each of these number bets are single bets, you are still within your betting limit.

If you manage to win this bet you will come out with neat profit of $149 as you can see from our table below:

Number of bets lostBet AmountMoney SpentProfitProbability of consecutive loss111148.60%223123.70%347111.50%481515.60%5163112.73%6326311.33%76412710.65%812825510.31%925651110.15%1066011711490.07%

Now, assuming you lose the 10th consecutive spin, the probability of which is  0.074% and highly unlikely, on the 11th spin you would bet $300 on the same color again and then bet $100 on each number of the same color again.

If you win this bet, your profit would come out to $929.

Now the drawbacks of using this system is that you need a big bankroll if you are unlucky. Our recommendation for beginners is to not exceed $63 and for everyone else, stop  after the 11th consecutive loss and try your luck another day.

Simple Roulette Strategy

Now if you are worried that most of these roulette strategies involve a big budget you are probably going to like the simple roulette strategy because all you need is a budget to place an initial bet of $100.

It is believed that this system was used by the legendary Hollywood actor John Wayne and it has even been mentioned in his biography.

You start by choosing two numbers from the middle column of the blackjack table. Let’s say you pick 14 and 29 and you place a $1 on them.

Then, you have to place another $1 bet on each number surrounding these two numbers. For example the 9 numbers surrounding 14 are:

Now when you have placed these bets you have four outcomes:

14 or 29 to come out (according to our example). In this case you win $72.11, 13, 15, 17, 26, 28, 30 or 32 to come out. In this case you win $18.10, 12, 16, 18, 25, 27, 31 or 33 to come out. In this case you lose $1.Any other number that comes out will take your $10 bet away, unfortunately

Did you notice something interesting about this strategy? So, the two numbers that you chose initially (14 and 29) are the ones that payout the most and the point is to land either of those numbers while the other numbers you bet on act as insurance to hedge your losses.

This roulette strategy can be combined with the Martingale Roulette Strategy so in case of losing spins – you can double your bet every time you lose and this way you will have the chance to get your money back faster.

Six Line Roulette Strategy

The six line roulette strategy is based on the theory of mathematical progression. According to our estimates, you could apply this strategy if you have a bankroll of $35, $195 or $390.

So you start off by a choosing what is called a 6 line bet. A six line bet is a bet placed on 6 consecutive numbers like 1,2,3,4,5,6 or  10,11,12,13,14,15.

THe next step involves choosing a bet size of either $1, $5 or $10 depending on your budget. If you have a big budget you can even place bets of $20 to $50.

So the pattern for betting with this strategy is

Let us explain what this means. This pattern is called the “losing streak” pattern. 

So for the first 5 losing bets you bet the same amount of money, for the 6,7 and 8th losing bet you spend 2x or 2 times your bet amount, for the 9th and 10th consecutive losing spin you bet 3x or 3 times your bet and so on.

So Let’s say you start betting with $5. On the first line you chose 1,2,3,4,5,6 and you win this spin, you continue on until you lose your first spin.

In short, the pattern will stop and reset every time you win on a spin and you bet your initial bet amount ($5 in our example).

What is the budget you would need for this system? We have mentioned it below in our table:

Spin NumberMultiplierBet per spinMoney Spent11112112311341145115622672288221093312103315114418125522136627147733

So the minimum budget you need for this roulette system is $33.

If you bet $5 with this roulette system you would need $161, if you bet with $10 you would need $321 on a $20 you would need $641 and finally on $50 budget you would need $1601.

Favorite Number Roulette Strategy

Many Roulette enthusiasts like to bet on their favorite number. But did you know that there is a roulette strategy based on your favorite number as well?

In order to use this roulette strategy you would need to have a budget of $509. That’s a big budget but this budget could help you continue up to 88 losing spins.

A lower budget would mean that you wouldn’t last as long and a higher budget would allow you to last longer than these 88 spins.

This is how the favorite number roulette strategy works:

First, you pick your favorite number that is available on a roulette table. After you pick your favorite number you have a to place your bets according to the table we made for you based on the calculations we made:

Bet AmountNumber Of Spins$227 Spins ($2 Each)$310 Spins ($3 Each)$48 Spins ($4 Each)$56 Spins ($5 Each)$66 Spins ($6 Each)$74 Spins ($7 Each)$84 Spins ($8 Each)$94 Spins ($9 Each)$103 Spins ($10 Each)$113 Spins ($11 Each)$123 Spins ($12 Each)$133 Spins ($13 Each)$142 Spins ($14 Each)$152 Spins ($15 Each)$162 Spins ($16 Each)

So you would start your first bet at $2 until you lose 27 consecutive times. If you win, the whole process resets again and you wait until you lose 27 consecutive times. Once this happens you increase your bet size to $3 until you lose 10 times. If you manage to win during this time, you would start off the process again.

This type of bet pays of 35 to 1. So for instance if you lose 37 times and win on the 38th spin with a $4 spin you would have spent $88 and win $140, that is a $52 profit.

We have listed the scenarios below:

Spin NumberBet amount on the spinMoney SpentWin Amount from a sucssfull spinProfit1$2$2$70$682$2$4$70$663$2$6$70$644$2$8$70$625$2$10$70$606$2$12$70$587$2$14$70$568$2$16$70$549$2$18$70$5210$2$20$70$5011$2$22$70$4812$2$24$70$4613$2$26$70$4414$2$28$70$4215$2$30$70$4016$2$32$70$3817$2$34$70$3618$2$36$70$3419$2$38$70$3220$2$40$70$3021$2$42$70$2822$2$44$70$2623$2$46$70$2424$2$48$70$2225$2$50$70$2026$2$52$70$1827$2$54$70$1628$3$57$105$4829$3$60$105$4530$3$63$105$4231$3$66$105$3932$3$69$105$3633$3$72$105$3334$3$75$105$3035$3$78$105$2736$3$81$105$2437$3$84$105$2138$3$87$105$1839$4$91$140$4940$4$95$140$4541$4$99$140$4142$4$103$140$3743$4$107$140$3344$4$111$140$2945$4$115$140$2546$4$119$140$2147$5$124$175$5148$5$129$175$4649$5$134$175$4150$5$139$175$3651$5$144$175$3152$5$149$175$2653$6$155$210$5554$6$161$210$4955$6$167$210$4356$6$173$210$3757$6$179$210$3158$6$185$210$2559$7$192$245$5360$7$199$245$4661$7$206$245$3962$7$213$245$3263$8$221$280$5964$8$229$280$5165$8$237$280$4366$8$245$280$3567$9$254$315$6168$9$263$315$5269$9$272$315$4370$9$281$315$3471$10$291$350$5972$10$301$350$4973$10$311$350$3974$11$322$385$6375$11$333$385$5276$11$344$385$4177$12$356$420$6478$12$368$420$5279$12$380$420$4080$13$393$455$6281$13$406$455$4982$13$419$455$3683$14$433$490$5784$14$447$490$4385$15$462$525$6386$15$477$525$4887$16$493$560$6788$16$509$560$51

Intermediate Roulette Strategy

This roulette strategy would be a good choice for players who have a bit of experience and a decent sized budget.

In order to use this strategy while playing roulette you need a budget of $550. You can use the welcome bonuses on this page and deposit $250 to $300 and get a bankroll of $550.

This budget keeps you in the game for 17 losing spins.

So this is how the intermediate roulette strategy works:

You choose 5 random numbers, these can be any numbers including your lucky numbers. 

You start your first bet with a $1 on each of the five numbers you chose. If none of your numbers fetch you a win on a spin until the 8th spin you start betting $6 on each number or $30 on each spin.

If you still don’t land a win until the 13th spin you reach the bet to $11 on each number which comes out to a total of $55 on each number. 

If you still don’t win, you raise the bet to $16 on each number.  Anytime you win, the whole system resets and you repeat this process until you win or when you decide to walk away with your profit.

We have mentioned how each scenario would look like in the table below:

Spin №Bet Amount on each NumberNumbers you bet onProfit1$15$312$15$263$15$214$15$165$15$116$15$67$15$18$65$1519$65$12110$65$9111$65$6112$65$3113$115$15614$115$10115$115$4616$165$14617$165$66

As you can see for 17 spins you have bet on 85 numbers (17 x 5 = 85). The European Roulette wheel has 36 numbers plus one zero sector.

Advanced Roulette Strategy

Now if you are an experienced player  who has a big appetite for risk and has a big budget then this advanced roulette strategy is perfect for you.  You would need a budget of $420 to $3430 to apply this roulette strategy.

You have the following options when it comes to setting your budget for this advanced roulette strategy:

Option 1: Budget $420. This keeps you in the game for 12 consecutive losing spins

Option 2: Budget $1204. This keeps you in the game for 16 consecutive losing spins

Option 3: Budget $3430. This keeps you in the game for 20 consecutive losing spins.

The bigger your budget,the longer you will last and have a chance to win and turn in a profit.

This is how the advanced roulette strategy works:

You choose 7 random numbers and you start off by betting $1 on each of these numbers.

If you lose you follow the pattern below, on every winning spin you start right from the beginning and follow the pattern until a winning spin.

Spin №BetNumbers chosenProfitMoney Spent1$17$28$72$17$22$143$17$15$214$17$8$285$37$59$496$37$38$707$57$75$1058$57$40$1409$77$63$18910$77$14$23811$137$139$32912$137$48$42013$217$189$56714$217$21$71415$357$301$95916$357$56$1,20417$597$507$1,61718$597$94$2,03019$1007$870$2,73020$1007$170$3,430

As you can see, we place our bets according to the chart above. You may have noticed we increase our bet on each number after a certain amount of unlucky roulette spins, according to our calculations. 

We do this so that when we reach our lucky spin and win, we will have everything we have lost till that moment back plus profit, which you can see in the chart below. The profit is different and it depends on the spin number on which one of your numbers will come out and you will win.

Author: Peter Long