Top 10 bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos

Are you looking for a bitcoin casino or a casino that uses other crypto currencies?We at slotfreespin have got your back! We scoured the internet and found the best deals for you from the top 10 bitcoin casinos and crypto currency casinos!

Common questions about bitcoin casinos and crypto casinos

Before we give you our complete list of bitcoin casinos and crypto casinos, we will answer some questions that players who are looking for casinos that accept crypto have…

What are bitcoin casinos and crypto currency casinos?

Bitcoin casinos and crypto currency casinos are casinos where you can play your favorite casino games or even bet on your favorite sports with bitcoin and other crypto currencies. There are a limited number of different crypto currencies that each casino accepts but bitcoin seems to be the most popular crypto currency that is accepted in these casinos.

Are bitcoin casinos and crypto currency casinos legal and legit?

This question is a bit tricky to answer because there are plenty of casinos that are unlicensed and therefore unregulated. Depending on the country they are operating from, these casinos may be illegal.

We don’t recommend you to play on unlicensed casinos whether or not they accept crypto currencies. We recommend you not to play in unlicensed casinos because if you have a problem with withdrawals, you would have no way to resolve the issue and the casino will walk away with your money.

This is why we always recommend players to play in licensed casinos. Licensed casinos have to follow the regulations of their gaming authority to ensure that you, the player, is not screwed over by the casino.

Some countries prohibit their residents from gambling online with bitcoin. It is very important for you to check your country’s legislation to make sure that you are not breaking the law by gambling in online bitcoin and crypto casinos because even if the casino itself is legal, you are at risk of breaking the law in your country.

What are the best Cryptocurrencies for online crypto casinos?

The most popular and accepted cryptocurrency in most bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos is bitcoin. Apart from bitcoin many casinos accept other crypto currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin etc.

Bitcoin cash, Dogecoin etc are also accepted in some of the casinos on our list but these 3 crypto currencies seem to be the most popular.

Crytpocurrency Casino # 1 Bitkingz

Bitkingz tops our list of the best cryptocurrency casinos and bitcoin casinos. Bitkingz is a legit bitcoin casino that has a Antillephone License by the Curaçao Gaming Control Board. One of the coolest features of a bitcoin casino is the fact that they have live chat rooms where you can interact with other players.

You can also send and receive tips from other players in bitcoin casinos and Bitkingz also has this feature on their casino.

Currencies Accepted

CryptocurrenciesBitcoinBitcoin CashDogecoinEthereumLitecoinTetherVisaMaestro Mastercard


Nostalgic and unique website design that is highly interactiveSpecial VIP programAccepts both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencyGood selection of casino games and sports betting24/7 live customer support


Bitkingz Bonus

Bitkingz has one of the coolest bonuses out there for a bitcoin casino. You don’t get 1 but 3 different welcome bonuses of upto €3000 or its equivalent in your currency. You can click on the picture below to visit Bitkingz and check out this bonus!

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You can find out more about Bitkingz by reading our review on Bitkingz Casino.

Cryptocurrency Casino # 2 Stake Casino

The second bitcoin casino on our list of the best cryptocurrency casinos is Stake Casino. Stake casino has a more subtle and simple design compared to Bitkingz. But don’t get us wrong, the design is still pretty good. The website is very easy to use and to navigate and you can find everything very easily. Sometimes simplicity is all you need instead of bells and whistles.

Stake Casino is owned and operated by Medium Rare N.V a company that has its headquarters in Nicosia,Cyprus. This casino is licensed by  Curaçao Gaming Control Board as well as the crypto gambling foundation.

A stand out feature about Stake Casino is the fact that it is licensed by the UFC. If you like to bet on the UFC then you might like the boosted odds on Stake Casino.


Stake Casino does not have a welcome bonus. Now before you get put off by it, hear us out. The bonus system in stake casinos is designed for VIP players and if you do your own research you’d find yourself agreeing with us when we say that they have probably the best VIP bonus programs for bitcoin casinos and online casinos.

The more you play,the more points you get and the points are easy to achieve compared to many casinos that have a very rigid and difficult VIP system.

Apart from the VIP bonus system Stake Casino has very generous regular promotions and bonuses. Check out the promotion we found on their casino where you can win up to $1 million for example:

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Currencies Accepted

Stake Casino only accepts payments and withdrawals in Crypto currency unlike some casinos on this list which are “hybrid casinos”. Hybrid casinos accept both crypto currencies and fiat currencies.



One of the best VIP programsAccepts a lot of different crypto currencies.Good selection of gamesModern,simple and easy to use website


Support is a bit slowDoes not accept payments in fiat currencies

Cryptocurrency Casino # 3 Gamdom

Gamdom is one of the most “social” casinos on our list of cryptocurrency casinos.Gamdom initially started out as a community for skin trading. Skin trading is a term used by video game enthusiasts where they buy in-game items called “skins” from each other with real money. 

Unsurprisingly, Gamdom’s community primarily consists of video game enthusiasts. Today Gamdom has expanded its services and offers sportsbetting,slots, live casino games and it’s own special games.

Gamdom seems to be a very popular casino for players who like to bet on e-sports.

The coolest thing about Gamdom is it’s very active community. If you are into video games we suggest you check out Gamdom. Gamdom is also licensed by the Curaçao Gaming Control Board.

Unfortunately, players based in the Netherlands are restricted on Gamdom. At the time of writing players from Belgium are allowed to play on Gamdom. If you are a Dutch citizen whose primary residence is in a country that is not restricted you should be allowed to play on Gamdom.


Gamdom’s welcome bonuses are not very impressive. There is a welcome chest of $50 that is available. However, they have amazing promotions and prize drop for regular players. Gamdom. Take for instance the Random coin drops feature in the chat that allows you to receive coins which are the in game currency in this casino in the form of rains.

You also have an amazing loyalty program that gets you regular cash backs called “rakebacks”.

Currencies Accepted

BitcoinEthereumVisaMastercardMaestroOther mobile payment methods


Perfect for gamersGood selection of gamesDecent customer serviceRegular rewards


Some countries are restricted

Cryptocurrency Casino # 4 Bit Starz Casino

Bit Starz Casino is another hybrid casino. This means you can use both crypto currencies and fiat money as well.

Bit Starz is owned and operated by Dama N.V which is a company based in Cyprus. Bit Starz is licensed by Curaçao Gaming Control Board.


If you are a high roller you might like Bit Starz Casino’s welcome bonus because you get 100% upto €100 or a massive 100% upto 1 bitcoin which and 180 free spins. You also get generous deposits on your second, third and fourth deposits.

Currencies Accepted

Bit Starz Currently accepts the following currencies:


Excellent customer supportVery good bonusesGood selection of gamesWithdrawals with bitcoin are very quick


Cryptocurrency Casino # 5 Dingo Casino

Dingo Casino is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Board and is based in Larnaca, Cyprus. This bitcoin casino accepts payments in both bitcoin and fiat currency. Dingo Casino also has 24/7 customer support.

The website has a very fun design but we struggled to see some buttons. This was fixed when we changed the zoom setting on our chrome browser from 100% to 90%.

Dingo Casino homepage

Dingo Casino Bonus

Dingo Casino is currently offering a welcome bonus of 100% up to €4000 + 200 free spins.

Currencies Accepted in Dingo Casino

Dingo Casino currently accepts the following currencies:


24/7 customer supportNice Welcome BonusGood selection of games


Country RestrictionsDesign had a minor problemOther crypto currencies not accepted

Cryptocurrency Casino # 6 Casinobtc

Casinobtc is yet another bitcoin casino based in Cyprus that is owned and operated by Cryptos Nations. We could not find out any information about this company online. This casino also holds no recognizable license from a government. On their website it states that they hold a “masters license by Cryptos Nations”. 

We could not find out any information about such a license on google and are highly suspicious of the legitimacy of this website since they claim they hold a “masters license” by themselves.

We urge our readers to make their own decision but personally we are wary of playing in a casino that is not licensed by a government. 

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Casinobtc  Bonus

Casinobtc is currently offering a 400% up to €1000 welcome bonus.

Currencies Accepted in Casinobtc

Fiat currencyBitcoinDogecoinBitcoincashLitcoin

Withdrawals however can be made only in Bitcoin and through bank transfer.


Very generous welcome bonus24/7 customer service


Limited selection of gamesNot licensed by any government 

Cryptocurrency Casino # 7

Rocketpot is owned and operated by Danneskjold Ventures B.V. and is licensed under the Curacao Gaming Board. The website has 24/7 live customer support, a good selection of games and a sportsbook as well.

Rocketpot accept many crypto currencies apart from Bitcoin like bitcoin cash,doge coin,ethereum,litecoin and Neo. You can also buy cryptocurrency that you can use on Rocketpot through a portal that they have built in their website.

Unfortunately, the minimum deposit amount from claiming the welcome bonus at Rocketpot is 1 Btc, which is very high in our opinion.

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Cryptocurrency Casino # 8 22Bet Casino

22Bet Casino is owned and operated by TechSolutions (CY) Group Limited, a company located in Cyprus.

The website seems to be primarily designed for fans of sports betting but it has an impressive collection of casino games. 22Bet is licensed by, you guessed it, the Curacao Gaming Board. 22Bet is a hybrid casino that accepts both fiat currencies like USD,Euro and Japanese Yen as well many crypto currencies.

Of all the crypto currency casinos we have listed, 22Bet accepts the most number of crypto currencies so far. 

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We counted close to 30 crypto currencies that they currently accept which is pretty impressive.

Unfortunately, many countries are restricted from playing in 22Bet and the casino. 22Bet’s welcome bonus is also pretty low in our opinion compared to other bitcoin casinos on the list.

At the time of writing, 22Bet has a 100% upto €300 welcome bonus.

Cryptocurrency Casino # 9 Anonymous Casino

Anonymous Casino has an impressive welcome bonus of 150% up to 1.5BTC 15 ETH and 150 LTC. It also doesn’t mention any restricted countries. However, we personally wouldn’t recommend this casino as it is not a licensed casino.

Anonymous Casino also doesn’t feature many providers and popular games as well as a sportsbook. 

The website also doesn’t have live support and can only be reached via email.

Cryptocurrency Casino # 10 KingBit Casino

KingBit Casino is the last casino on our list of the top 10 bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos. There isn’t much information about who operates the casino on the website and the casino doesn’t have many games.

KingBit does have a very generous bonus offer of 110% up to 1 BTC, no country restrictions,24/7 live customer support. The casino also accepts a plethora of cryptocurrencies apart from bitcoin like ripple,dash,litecoin and ethereum. 

We spoke to the customer support and screenshotted their response below. The casino is not licensed. In their terms and conditions it reads that it is the player’s responsibility to know about the laws in their country in order to avoid any problems.

We recommend you to read about the laws and regulations in your country regarding gambling with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Ultimately it’s your choice to play in an unlicensed casino but we prefer to play in a licensed casino.

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Author: Peter Long